Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cooking Classes and Dinners

Gideon Ridge and Bistro Roca, with Executive Chef Michael Foreman, announce the Cochon Boucherie Festival, April 5 to 7, 2011, to be held in conjunction with the Blowing Rock Culinary Month.

Gideon Ridge has procured a 250 pound Berkshire pig, currently being raised in Happy Valley, NC. We will receive the freshly killed (and inspected) pig on Monday, April 4, and participants in the Cochon Boucherie will participate in all aspects of the cutting, preparation, cooking, and eating of the pig.

The pig is being raised by a small producer in Happy Valley, NC, about 20 minutes from Blowing Rock. The family operation primarily raises goats and produces goat cheese. The pigs are fed goat whey as part of their diet.

We envision this event to be a sophisticated version of the traditional Appalachian “Hog Killing” party, where extended family and neighbors help to prepare and smoke the hams, bacon and sausages, while preparing the evening party feast.

The culinary program at Gideon Ridge Inn and Bistro Roca is the result of the efforts and experience of Michael Foreman, Executive Chef. For more than ten years, he has been preparing meals at Gideon Ridge using local ingredients long before the current “farm to table” movement was popular. Bistro Roca was started 6 years ago and is a casual dining experience using many of the same fresh ingredients and culinary techniques used at Gideon Ridge. In previous years, Michael has purchased pigs from this producer in Happy Valley and served the pork at both Gideon Ridge and Bistro Roca. This is the first time we have held a class.

Cost: The three night package for Cochon Boucherie Festival, including classes, special dinners, wine tastings, and three nights at Gideon Ridge Inn is $750 double occupancy, $625 single occupancy. The two night package including classes, special dinners, wine tastings, and two nights at Gideon Ridge Inn is $600 double occupancy, $475 single occupancy. For people who want to take the classes and have the dinners, the cost is $250 per person. (plus $15 per person for each breakfast, if desired) For a one day class including dinner is $125.

Call Gideon Ridge Inn for information: 828-295-3644 or 888-889-4036

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